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Production Process

Precision CNC Machining    

To ensure that we provide the precision machining our customers have come to expect, and that we consistently hold the tight tolerances that they require, we maintain a robust selection of state of the art computer numerical control (CNC) machining capabilities.  

CNC Turning

CNC turning is a highly versatile automated lathing process. We can perform a range of high precision processes, including:


 ·Spherical generation

 · Facing








 ·Polygonal turning

CNC Milling

In the CNC milling process, rotary cutters are used to remove material from a workpiece. CNC milling can machine parts in a variety of shapes and geometries, including complex and organic designs. This is in contrast to CNC turning which, despite its versatility, is largely limited to pieces of a cylindrical nature or origin.

Swiss Turning

Swiss turning, also known as Swiss machining, is a variation of CNC turning. CNC turning machines typically feed the length of bar required for a part and then perform the varying cutting processes required — in Swiss turning, the cutting processes are performed actively while the bar is being fed. As all cutting is performed close to the guide bushing that feeds the bar, Swiss screw machining is ideal for very long workpieces.

Multi-Spindle Machining

Another variation on lathing, multi-spindle machining is a highly specialized process. Multi-spindle machines are designed to perform a number of internal processes simultaneously that standard   CNC turning or lathing processes cannot achieve. These functions include:

 ·Progressive drilling, generally used to connect bore holes of different diameters

 ·Internal and External edge chamfering

 ·Form drilling and reaming

 ·Thread rolling


 ·Skiving and shaving

BMP performs multi-spindle machining with high quality Wickman and New Britain multi-spindle screw machines with 6 spindles and as many as eight unique axes.