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Inspection Equipment

We have following inspection equipment

·Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Brand: Hexagon 

    Inspection Stroke: X-700mm, Y-1000mm, Z-500mm

    Inspection Precision:3μm

    Our CMM system, has digital analog function,it is available to inspect 

    complex profile and position tolerance.

·Roundness Checker 

·Vision Measuring Machine 

·Rockwell Hardness Tester

·Roughness Tester 

·Thread Gauge 

    Both English and metric gages are available.

·Air Gauge 

·Torque Tester 


    Used to inspect apprance inspection, such as if there is burr on the parts. 

·Nondestructive Sorting Instrument

    Used to inspect if there is rent in raw material.

·Height Gauge